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"Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo.

Nov. 2022. 'Incindiary' is a finalist in the RI Flicker Film Fest, Marina Del Rey Film Fest, and the Anchorage Int'l Film Fest. Glad I hung in there.  

Jan. 2014. 'Incindiary' script to be read by the Writers and Actors Group in NYC.

Dec. 2014. 'Adrenaline - the Series' has over 300,000 hits on Youtube.

Mar. 30, 2013. I received the 'Best Actor' in Short Film Award at the Hot Media Int'l Film Festival. Thank-you for the support.

Feb. 20, 2013. 'The Pack' is accepted into the World Music and Independent Film Festival, which runs down in D.C. August 18-24!

Feb. 2013. 'The Pack' is accepted into the Hot Media Int'l Film Festival, running in Washington D.C. March 28-30!- Jon Crefeld nominated for Best Actor, Jen Bendick, Best Actress, Jono Crefeld, Best Supporting Actor, Alain Aguilar, Best Director, and Joseph Bearese, Best Cinematography!

Oct. '12. 'The Pack' was accepted into the UMFF - Urban Media Film Festival, and Tauni and I flew down to Atlanta, where the film was given a warm welcome!

Sep. '12. 'The Pack' was accepted into the IFQ - Independant Film Quarterly Film Festival, and I flew out to LA to support it. It was a great screening and I was able to catch up with terrific friends now out in LA.

May 5th, '12. 'The Pack' premiered to an absolutely wonderful audience at Pearl Studios NYC. Thanks also to all the other artists who brought their shorts and really warmed up the house!

Nov '11. After Effects and Re-shoots, can't wait to see you all when the publicity phase arrives!

Sep '11. Post-Production for 'The Pack.' It's all work flow at this point!

Jul and Aug '11. Trip to Haiti and video series. Just as much fun as a Med to One trip! You can see it here: Haiti Video Album.

Oct '10. 'The Pack' shoot goes well, pre-production begins for the next. (Looking back in hindsight, this began 2 months of casting, SAG contracts, location work - and not to mention, writing.)

Sep '10. Pre-production in line for 'The Pack.'

Aug '10. 'The Sword Politik' screenplay had a wonderful reading and is now submitted to five festivals. Thanks for all the encouragement.

Jul '10. Congrats to the cast and crew of 'Never Norman Rockwell,' for their successful production in the Midtown Internation Theater Festival.

Jun'13. Terrific working with cast and crew of the Sword Politik webisodes to finish shooting the Dirk Webisode.

Adrenaline: Kaaterskill Falls draft is up, and the Sword Politik script is in final rewrites for this edition.

May'27. Youtube offers to place advertising on 'Adrenaline-Firefighter,' thanks to its near 75,000 hits. Editing of an ice climbing episode is just about finished.

Jan'10. Kyle Baxter's new play 'Never Norman Rockwell' is the first play accepted into The Mid-town International Theater Festival.

Sep'10. The Collective Objective wins several awards at the '09 MITF, including outstand producers, ensemble, best supporting actor (Duncan Pflaster), and best director (Mark Duncan.)