Adrenaline The Series - 200,000 + hits. A great job editing by Mike Leonard and OTE Studios. 

Gas Station TV. Strangley, I did not get the job.

Reel.Clips from 'The Glove,' 'Cog', etc.

Behind the Scenes. Making the Glove.

The Glove Trailer. Sometimes life is about starting over ... Created in April '05, this story of redemption features the talents of a wonderful group of artists. 

Haiti. Charity Video Blog. Everything done on the fly, but no shortage of great people and material.

Med to One Blog. Shot, Edited, and did less than a minute of hosting. Maybe an even bigger personal victory than last time.

Med to One Documentary. A real inspiration for me. Five days doing the grunt work - fighting for a script, memorizing, and talking at the camera and in the end it's all transparent to a bigger cause.